Dates for 2019
  • Studio 5 Re Opens February 2nd 2019
  • Exams September 14th or 21st TBC
  • Photo Shoot September Sunday 22nd Venue to be confirmed
  • Rehearsals
    November Saturday 16th
    November Saturday 23rd
  • “Influ dance” Show Day November Saturday 30th 4pm
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  • Studio 5 School of Dance: my second family. The environment is a supportive and enjoyable one, allowing us to acquire the technicalities of dancing whilst having an absolute ball. It is a place that recognises the importance of achieving your personal best, working as a team and the positive impacts of dancing on your health. The environment is inclusive in that the Studio is open to people of most ages and all abilities, providing opportunities for everyone to “have a go.” We are taught not to be afraid to express or challenge ourselves through dance, opening up a whole new world to discover.

  • My first lesson with Studio 5 School of Dance was in 1996, the first of many lessons with Miss Anneliese. Over the years I have learnt the technical and fun side of Ballet, Tap and Jazz and if I was to be asked what my favourite was, I don’t actually think I could answer. Through Studio 5 I have gained discipline, structure, confidence in myself and amazing friendships with fellow students and with my teacher and see it as my second family.